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Can’t Miss Bhombs

Grab yourself a 14mm or 18mm slide holder and flip it upside down and use it as a dome! If you get the correct type with a funnel shape it works perfectly to drop bhombs and never miss!

We dropped this bhomb on the edge of the dome and it falls along the glass right onto the nail for a perfect dab every time!

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Bowling Bhomb on the Toro Double Macro

Bhomb dropped on the funnel dome, can’t miss!

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Puff the Magic 14mm DI rig!

Meet Puff (or Allen) the dragon! He’s a 14mm DI rig with a 3hole diffuser. Artist is Malko Glass.

Very reminiscent of the dinosaur rigs by Elbo this is a beautifully sculpted little baby dragon!

Take a look at the photos and go on a little adventure with Allen!

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11 Rig Gauntlet – Dabbers Daily

11 Rig gauntlet with 12 dabs brought to you by the Dabbers Daily squad.

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David Goldstein Fritted Discs – PHILLY GLASS CONNECT

The best video of David Goldstein’s glass on the internet. Philly Glass Connect has done it again…amazing stacking video and amazing quality.

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Butane Honey Art: BHO Sculptures


Check this out! BHO sculptures! Imagine these bad boys melting down on a nail or skillet feet first!

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Mobius Stereo Matrix Slow Motion Dab

Slow Motion Dab from the Stereo Matrix to show the bubbling action!

Video provided by PavelDabsyuk and Ms. Budderworth of Dabbers Daily!

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Dab Essentials Domeless Nail – Heating Stress Test

Check out this Dab Essentials Domeless Nail. The most common worry about domeless nails is that they can possibly crack glass joints if used incorrectly or if they aren’t made well. Well check this video out! The Dab Essentials Domeless Nail can be heated up to red hot in your hands…gotta see it to believe it!


Video provided by DubCRider

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Sovereignty Glass Stemlines

Sovereignty Glass out of California is a pioneer of the industry and creator of some of the cleanest, most functional production glass ever. The stemline series comes in an up gridded or down gridded version where the gridded holes will be on the top or bottom of the perc, respectively. The placement of the grids in the upgrid version allow the bubbles to form more easily and very uniformly above the perc, which gives an overall smoother feel to the pull and a more purr-like hit great for oil vaporization. The downgrid on the other hand makes the bubbles form lower and have to travel further through the water, bigger bubbles are formed and it gives a more chuggy hit that works great for combustion.

Take a look and decide for yourself!

Below is a slow-mo video of an upgrid for your viewing pleasure as well!

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Boil Shot from 18mm DYD Nail – Mobius Penta Disc

Bhomb Boil shot from Mobius Penta Disc

Dunk Boil Shot Gif from Dab Trotters video. Part of my series of boil shots!


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