Coyle Glass Munny Rigs (collabs)

(picture credit to Shpongledd on

Air path goes through the alien’s mouth

Coyle is an artist from the northern east coast that got the idea to do munny rigs when he saw a friend’s Kidrobot toy and realized the size and dimensions of the munny toy worked perfectly as an oil rig.  The dome and diffuser come out of the back of the munny into his stomach and the mouthpiece is on top of his head.

Coyle makes clear munnies and then has other artists do work on them to make each worked munny a completely unique piece of functional art. They each come with a matching dabber and possibly other accessories depending on the artist. Some of the sickest glass available now!


(Credit for pictures goes to users : Shpongledd, Inconspicuous_User, xx6xx12)

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