Cloud Vape Pen

This video brought to you by Dab Cartel will introduce you to the Cloud Vape pen and give you some pointers on getting used to the unit. Warning: this video features some serious vapor production!

Cloud vape Pens can be purchased through our affiliate at:

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6 thoughts on “Cloud Vape Pen

  1. Taelor

    How long does the vape last?!

  2. brian

    The cloud pen is a piece of shit…bought 2 yesterday and one will not charge and the other broke the filament the first use…then u call their customer support and cant get ahold of anyone except an “answering sercice”. DO NOT waste your money on this garbage…i spent over 140$ yesterday… fucking garbage!

    • spence

      mine wont charge either brian, have you figured out how to fix that yet?

  3. t money

    I bought one 6 weeks ago, I wont charge or work any more. tried to use warranty to get it fixed and they are bull shitting me. it sucks biggest rip off ever, should have got the Gpen for the same price. my buddy got one and loves it.

  4. Kushery Dubz

    yup bought myself a e-dabber From Dabworks and ive had it only a full charge but it wont charge fucking so dumb waste of money all of them even gpens are garbage

  5. Cloud vape sucks!!!

    Don’t buy this product!!! Company is aware of defects with battery and still put on market. Makes buyer pay for new one, Cloud Pen is a piece of shit! Had for a day, smashed it to bits, best satisfaction I got out of the cheap bullshit pen

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