The Infiniti Universal Domeless Titanium Nail – HIGHLY EDUCATED

COMING SOON – from Highly Educated Titanium:
The Infiniti Universal Domeless Nail is the first fully adjustable, and convertible domeless titanium nail. This one-size-fits-all design works well with 19 mm female, 19 mm male, 14 mm female, and 14 mm male ground joints. It even fits snugly on your ground male joints and not on top of them with a sketchy fit like other universal TI nails, this one is truly an innovation and a flawless design!
Coming in late December / early January.

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Pumpkin Bong Skillet Dabs!

Awesome video from Coral Reefer showing off some halloween ingenuity with some pumpkin dabbing!

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Homemade Peyote Pillar

I don’t usually like stuff like this but this guy has got some skills. Made a homemade peyote pillar with bottles and what not haha, the function on it is insane! Pretty cool video check it out!

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