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Half Eighth Dab from KO Domeless nail

Attempt of a 1.8 dab from a KO domeless nail…wow. The KO domeless can handle some big dabs, he almost gets it all!

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The Infiniti Universal Domeless Titanium Nail – HIGHLY EDUCATED

COMING SOON – from Highly Educated Titanium:
The Infiniti Universal Domeless Nail is the first fully adjustable, and convertible domeless titanium nail. This one-size-fits-all design works well with 19 mm female, 19 mm male, 14 mm female, and 14 mm male ground joints. It even fits snugly on your ground male joints and not on top of them with a sketchy fit like other universal TI nails, this one is truly an innovation and a flawless design!
Coming in late December / early January.

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E-nail Dab Sesh – BHO Films

Sick video featuring Jkid4life taking some hugeeeee dabs on the Highly Educated E-nail. Great glass featured from Toro, EA and more! Seriously huge snake dabs!

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Hardwoodinc LED slide stand giveaway!’


If you have an Instagram hop on and follow us and check out this giveaway! Sick hand made wooden 18mm slide stand with 3 holes and RASTA LED lights!

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Contrabasso Recycler Dabs w/ Dank Dabbers Thimble – PHILLY GLASS CONNECT

Philly Glass Connect with another amazing HD video, this time a bunch of dabs from the contrabasso single recycler, using some awesome thumb dabbers!

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Cloud Vape Pen

This video brought to you by Dab Cartel will introduce you to the Cloud Vape pen and give you some pointers on getting used to the unit. Warning: this video features some serious vapor production!

Cloud vape Pens can be purchased through our affiliate at:

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Hydratube Dab Gif

Dab From Vapexhale Cloud Hydratube, Stoneglassworks Showerdome

Took a dab from the hydratube. This is the stoneglassworks showerdome version that is no longer available.

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Vapexhale Cloud with Mobius Matrix Ion Bubbler

Amazing promo video by Stonemonkey55 (creator of the Vapexhale Cloud) with his Mobius Matrix Ion bubbler. These two make the perfect pair!! Look at the stacks and the clouds (and its vapor!!)…simply amazing!

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Dab Essentials Domeless Nail – Heating Stress Test

Check out this Dab Essentials Domeless Nail. The most common worry about domeless nails is that they can possibly crack glass joints if used incorrectly or if they aren’t made well. Well check this video out! The Dab Essentials Domeless Nail can be heated up to red hot in your hands…gotta see it to believe it!


Video provided by DubCRider

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BHO T-Shirts : Dabbing Apparel!

BHO T-Shirts : Dabbing Apparel!

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BHO T-shirts is a nano t-shirt project out of California providing high-quality dab and errl gear. These t-shirts are designed and hand-made in Cali by the BHO T-shirts team. The incognito designs speak loudly to true errlheads and allow you to wear these out in public with no problem. Only a true dabhead will recognize what the shirt means and when they do you just became best friends!┬áThese t-shirts are owned and worn by some of the top people in the game including the crew from CCC420 and Nuggetry so check em out! What’s your favorite?

Check out the website for the rest of their gear. Just chose a select few to showcase above!

My personal favorite has to be either “My Name is Errl” or the Edmonton Errls! Post your favorite in the comments below!

( is not affiliated with in any way. We just love their shirts!)

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