Goosefire Gallery Pakoh Show – 710 Society

710 Society is here with a great glass showcase straight from the Goosfire Gallery, the glass gallery for High Priority Glass Shop in Long Beach, California. Pakoh is known mainly for his amazing sandblasting technique and signature brick-work he does on many of his pieces. There are tons of unique Pakoh glass pieces featured in this video so be sure to check it out!

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Vela G Glass Showcase – CCC420

Great video from CCC420 featuring tons of glass from the artist Vela G. He is very well known for his flawless technique in encalmo lip wraps, giving his glass a distinct style and look that is instantly recognizable. This showcase features everything from lipped out nug jars to minitubes and his innovative “dome rig”. The dome rig is awesome for some unique double dabbing!
Thanks to the boys at CCC420 for providing such quality glass videos!

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Hitman x Banjo Boba Fett Torch Tube Collab – KNICKERTOKER

Sick video showing off the Banjo x Hitman Boba Fett Torch Tube. Video courtest of youtube’s Knickertoker!

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Vela G “Dome Rig”

Check out this insane dome that doubles as an oil rig by vela G. Such an innovative idea and it functions beautifully. Top it all off with Vela’s signature lip wraps and you have yourself one of the coolest, unique pieces of glass out there! This is what I call true double dabbing! Get a friend and a Vela G dome rig and get to work!

Thanks to rootsroots87 a.k.a @calrippinjr on IG for the sick video.

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Pipe Classic 6 – The Movie

The Pipe Classic 6 is a glass blowing contest sponsored by Bern Gallery in Vermont. Top glassblowers from around the U.S. come to compete and show off their skills.

Here’s the youtube trailer for the movie, check below for the full video!

Check out the full movie on vimeo using the link above.

Sick video from the Pipe Classic 6 last year with interviews of some of the industry’s top glassblowers. The guy who interviews them leaves a lot to be desired, still a great video with some never before seen interviews! The best parts are Bates, Saki and the Worm interview! Worm does a classic interview!

Chapter 1- Steve Bates
Chapter 2- (9:08) EA & Hickory
Chapter3- (19:35) SakiBomB,
Matt Mclamb & JOP!
Chapter 4- (33:10) SALT, Worm & doshworld

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Worm’s Mega Flame Thrower from GlassRoots 2012 in Madison

Worm shows off his mega flamethrower he created for Glassroots Madison. It has three butane chambers, insane flame length! This beast flames across the whole show floor in the second segment. Check out Magweedo grabbing some video on the right haha, hopefully he’ll have some other bad ass angles uploaded soon!

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Puff the Magic 14mm DI rig!

Meet Puff (or Allen) the dragon! He’s a 14mm DI rig with a 3hole diffuser. Artist is Malko Glass.

Very reminiscent of the dinosaur rigs by Elbo this is a beautifully sculpted little baby dragon!

Take a look at the photos and go on a little adventure with Allen!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Coyle Glass Munny Rigs (collabs)

(picture credit to Shpongledd on

Air path goes through the alien’s mouth

Coyle is an artist from the northern east coast that got the idea to do munny rigs when he saw a friend’s Kidrobot toy and realized the size and dimensions of the munny toy worked perfectly as an oil rig. ┬áThe dome and diffuser come out of the back of the munny into his stomach and the mouthpiece is on top of his head.

Coyle makes clear munnies and then has other artists do work on them to make each worked munny a completely unique piece of functional art. They each come with a matching dabber and possibly other accessories depending on the artist. Some of the sickest glass available now!


(Credit for pictures goes to users : Shpongledd, Inconspicuous_User, xx6xx12)

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CCC420 Glass Showcase: Phil Siegel Black Widow Rig

Truly an amazing piece of glass. Phil Siegel is killin’ it. This is the first in a series of functional glass rigs by Phil Siegel.

Check out the dome on this bad boy!!

Video by TheCCC420 Starring Shane, Magweedo and Toph! Subscribe to them on Youtube!

And follow them on instagram!




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