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Changing Hosts will be down until early hours of 2013 while changing hosts. Thanks for all your support in 2012! The new year is going to be fantastic for the community!

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Ice Wax Melt Montage from Matt Rize

Matt Rize with a sick video featuring tons of close-up melt/boil shots of his ice wax on a TI nail. Some great looking wax flavors from Matt Rize! This video is fantastic showing how clean these extracts melt down!

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Colorado: 1st Annual Extract Artists & The Secret Hash Cup

Ratemyweed with an inside look at the Extract Artists Secret Hash Bash in Colorado. Took place in mid December 2012 and was a huge success in gathering extract artists from around the country! Featuring music from Taskrok who performed at the event!

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GingerELA Puking Kitty Sauce/Gravy Boat

GingerELA has created this hilariously beautiful sandblasted Puking Kitty Sauce boat from the likeness of her gorgeous black cat, Mr. B. She is working on getting the funds together on Kickstarter to release a ceramic full production line of the Puking Kitty Gravy Boat. If you are at all interested in having this unique, hilarious and beautiful piece of functional art for your home please visit the kickstarter campaign site and pledge the money for your own Mr. B puking kitty gravy boat!! Only 72 Hours left and they are getting close!!

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Vela G Lip Wrapped Traveler/Tube/Sherlock/Dome Rig Set

Vela G Lip Wrapped Traveler/Tube/Sherlock/Dome Rig Set

The Last Set of 2012 from Vela G. This beautiful lip wrapped set will be sent off to a good friend very shortly.

Photos from Vela G’s blog, please visit his blog for more photos of this set and more amazing glass from Vela G.

Vela G Mcdabbin Set

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Gauntlettes! 5 Girls doing 7 Dabs Each!

BRTFilms with this great video of some of our IG friends doing a heady glass dab gauntlet! Five girls each taking seven dabs like a pro!

Music from Task & Linus

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Mothership 3D Seed of Life 76 Donut Tube

Mothership can’t stop putting holes in their tubes, this is getting ridiculous!! Just an absolutely stunning piece!

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Half Eighth Dab from KO Domeless nail

Attempt of a 1.8 dab from a KO domeless nail…wow. The KO domeless can handle some big dabs, he almost gets it all!

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CCC420: Magweedo’s Mason Jar Rig!!

This video features Magweedo’s Steve Bates x Adam Whobrey x Mr. Gray Mason Jar Rig! It’s a fully sculpted diffusion pump perc that can fit inside of any mason jar!! Truly one of the most unique rigs ever created. Check the video out to get a more in-depth look on how it’s designed and functions.

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