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Bates x Worm Clear Mini Diffusion Pump

The Bates x Worm Diffusion Pump oil rig is a new innovative scientific collaboration between two well known and highly respected individuals in the glass blowing community. Steve Bates is one of the true innovators of the glass community with his glass butane torches and Hitman Torch Tubes. Worm has brought many new options into the concentrate world with his all-quartz puddle domes/swings.

The diffusion pump functions similar to a recycler with the main difference being the recycling action happens completely inside the custom built stem inside the hollow bubbler base. It uses a glass ball check valve system inside the stem to pull the water back inside the chamber to keep water from splashing up the mouthpiece even when being  pulled on as hard as one can. This new innovation brings great flavor in a small overall package, with a clean scientific bubbler-style look and mouthpiece. The combination fo size, chamber and mouthpiece design make it great for handheld or table use. Comes stock with a 14mm quartz nail and a very unique  diagonally cut clear dome with an upward curved solid horn. The clear dome is made to resemble the diagonal cut of the diffusion pump stem inside the chamber which makes for a beautiful clean matching look.

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