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Mothership 3D Seed of Life 76 Donut Tube

Mothership can’t stop putting holes in their tubes, this is getting ridiculous!! Just an absolutely stunning piece!

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Mobius Glassworks Stereo Matrix 65t Water Test

The Mobius Stereo Matrix perc is simply a magnificent mixture of design and functionality. The Stereo is two of Mobius’ Matrix percs combined to create a new single perc that functions as a reverse matrix into a matrix perc. The air is pulled through the grids in the bottom matrix into the chamber connecting both percs and straight through the top matrix to give a compound stacking action that is totally unreal!

*Note the Mobius 5 hole screen bowl is also inserted into the piece while it is stacking this high!

The design of the tube, sandblasted logos, the bore on the mouthpiece and thick rounded base all combine to create Mobius’ master”piece” and truly one of the most beautiful and functional scientific tubes out there.

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